Sunday, 29 March 2015

islands scanning (o,O)

Searching and scanning for another paradise island ~ <3 <3
Redang Island is one of another island that lock my attention and make me cant wait to go there by myself. :3
Located at 45km off the coast of Kuala Terengganu, Redang Archipelago is the largest group of  the island, consisting of nine islands. Redang is a perfect place for you to do water activities like snorkelling, swimming, scuba diving, jungle trekking, and canoeing. Why is it perfect? Coz it have several good diving sites and sheltered within the Redang Island Marine Park. Plus, the water is so crystal clear with abundant of marine life. Most important thing is, you have to follow the rules in order to protect the natural habitat. Do enjoy Redang's beauty ~ 

overview of the Redang Island 

say hi! to the marine lives swimming freely deep in the water..

Kapas Island is also one of the fascinating island paradise with white sandy beaches and shady palm trees making it a perfect retreat. It admist a typical Malay village concepts and hospitality. Kapas Island offered and promised you the variety of adventures to sun and sea lovers. Experience and explore deep in the water and various species and the amazing of colourful flora and fauna. Dont forget to enjoy the coral reefs scenery around the islands by doing the snorkelling and underwater diving. I already went there a few years ago when I was in secondary school, in my sweet sixteen if im not mistaken. I went there with my school trip for 2days1night camping under uniform body. I am one of the Brassband member in my school and at that time, me and a few friends more join the camp. It was so exciting and memorable things to me as Im one of the island's lover. Camping near the sea, cooking by ourselves, diving eventhough I didnt know how to swim at all just hanging at my friend's jacket.:)
And the most challenging one is jungle trekking. On the way walking, I saw a baby typhon having a deep nap under a tree.Not to wake 'him' up, we walk without noise, slow and steady. Nah! we make it! Enjoy the pics~

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