Monday, 30 March 2015


Islands and beaches all over the world ~
I wanna explore more, and go travel with my friends.. For now, I wanna go for a travel in islands in Malaysia first like ~ 
              Tioman Island, Pahang
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Tioman located in Pahang, is one of the Southest Asia's most beautiful travel destinations of its warm beaches, lovely seas, and lush rainforest. Lot of activities I can do if I go there, for instance jungle trekking, snorkelling, scuba diving, camping, or even just lazing around enjoy the view. I do not know how to swim at all, thats why I prefer land activities more like jungle trekking. Eventhough I feel a bit sad because I never go deep in the water before to see various of marine lives, insyaAllah I will try it oneday. 
                                                                       Sipadan, Sabah

This Island is also one of my dream's island. Located far from my hometown, which is in Sabah is not a big problem to me. But, for sure, I need my friends to accompany me to go there. Sabah is a famous place of its beautiful islands and beaches. Before going there, I have to make sure that I have extra money because it quite costly to go there from Terengganu. Seafood is also one of the tourist attraction in Sabah. We can get fresh seafood at the restaurants, with big size and most importantly, delicious and affordable.

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